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Frequently Asked Questions About Policy & Procedures


What is a Preferred or Recommended Supplier?

A preferred supplier is one which has been evaluated carefully by the Procurement department for value, quality and performance. They supply goods or services at excellent prices and in many cases will be partners with a relationship built on understanding and co-operation. In number terms they will range from 25 to 75 in total.


How do I buy computer software?

It is not University policy to purchase software from high street shops. A number of national agreements are available under / through an organisation known as CHEST at extremely competitive prices. The C&ITS Hotline can provide further material. See also the Suppliers Centre on this web site.


What happens if I want to purchase something that is not available from a preferred supplier?

Talk to one of the Procurement team. They will be able to advise if our preferred supplier can add this to the shopping basket. See our Contact Us section.


Can I try this "Special Offer" printer from Dixons?

No, we have several suppliers who are able to provide equally good value products with a desktop delivery service. Please go to the Suppliers Centre on this web site and check under printers.


I need a new desk to match my existing furniture. What do I do?

Have you checked with your Budget Holder? If so go to the Suppliers Centre of this web site. Here you will find several suppliers who have catalogues and supply furniture that we have approved and will match our existing styles. Procurement staff can also help with catalogues etc.


My photocopier needs replacing. What do I do?

Talk to, or email, the Digital Copy Centres. All photocopying equipment can be sourced under a National Higher Education Photocopier Contract at a cost per copy agreement.

Digital Copy Services staff will evaluate your requirement and discuss possibilities with you that do not conflict with current University policy.


What is the policy for purchasing paper for a) photocopiers or b) headed notepaper?

Photocopier and headed paper is obtained from Digital Copy Services. Contact for Essex supplies, or


I ordered some items recently but when delivered, they were broken. What should I do?

Notify the Procurement Department and also the manufacturer. Was it the fault of our internal delivery system? If not the manufacturer should replace it.

Purchasing can assist with dispute resolution work. Let us know asap.


Can I replace the PC that has been stolen?

Stolen equipment (value under 10,000) unfortunately cannot be claimed for, owing to the high excesses we have elected to take. Providing your Budget Holder can afford the replacement, the Suppliers Centre on this web site contains links to PC suppliers which can also be received via the C&ITS web page.


My order of widgets is overdue by four weeks and the department needs them urgently. What should I do?

Notify the Procurement Department of the problem. We will troubleshoot and get back to you. Non performance on a regular basis of a preferred supplier will mean exclusion from our web page and therefore we need to be kept informed of all School / Departmental problems.


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