Procurement Manual - 8.0 Training in Purchasing

05 August 2014


8.1.1   Please note that all courses or training discussed in this section are planned subject to demand from coordinators or other staff.

8.1.2   Financial constraints within the Public Sector have placed challenges upon Universities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Purchasing is a dynamic activity which should impact significantly upon any organisationís cost effectiveness but this cannot be achieved unless there is sufficient investment in the training of people at strategic and operational level to high standards of competency.

8.1.3   Procurement staff are qualified and experienced personnel but also attend training on a regular basis as part of their continuous professional development (CPD) on issues affecting external resource management. At Departmental level the situation is different because purchasing of goods or services forms only part of the individualís workload and responsibility. This does not, however, reduce the importance of the issue or remove the need for appropriate staff to develop their knowledge of proper purchasing techniques and procedures.


8.2.1   The following measure has been developed:

In-house Training Programme

Procurement have constructed a number of courses on purchasing topics.

These in-house programmes have been designed to fulfil the need for basic purchasing training at no cost to Faculty or Support Services.

8.3        BENEFITS


8.3.1                   Purchasing can be a complex task which carries commercial risk for the inexperienced person. Best VFM may only be obtained through application of best practice and it is important that all staff who are authorised to place orders are aware of the pitfalls and what constitutes Good Purchasing Practice. The Purchasing training strategy which Procurement have developed is intended to:                         Provide low cost training on basic elements of Purchasing.                         Equip individuals to carry out their purchasing duties with greater confidence and efficiency.                         Make all purchasers aware of the underlying philosophy and importance attached to the use of Preferred Suppliers.                         Enable purchasers to deal with suppliers, contracts and tenders in a manner which benefits our University and minimises commercial risk.

8.4        SUPPORT

8.4.1   Procurement are willing to consider training on a person to person basis where an individual is faced with a particularly difficult or complex purchasing matter and requires guidance. This can take the form either of direct assistance and involvement by Procurement in, for instance, a large contract or the provision of training to the member of staff which will enable them to carry out the task independently.