Motor Insurance Policy

01 August 2014

If you are involved in a car accident whilst driving a vehicle under the University’s Insurance, please contact Ann Debney on ext. 4227 in the first instance or Equity Redstar on 0844 8001931 in an emergency, giving them as much information as possible.

Please also complete the attached form and send it back to Ann Debney.

If there is a crack or chip in the vehicles windscreen please quote the above policy number but phone 0844 5611934 to arrange for a repair or a replacement.

Any member, of staff no matter what their age, may drive a vehicle under our University’s Insurance as long as they they hold a Full Driving Licence. If they have any points on their licence they must contact Ann Debney on the extension above, before they drive any University vehicle.

If you do not have a current Motor Insurance policy in your vehicle, please contact Ann on the above number to arrange to have one sent out to you.

Attached is a copy of the University’s Motor Insurance Policy. Providing all the relevant information with regards to accident claims, etc.