Save between 30-50% off a new bike

26 May 2014

We are keen to promote cycling and have joined a partnership with Cyclescheme to allow Anglia Ruskin University staff to benefit from this salary sacrifice scheme.  The bicycle and equipment are purchased by Anglia Ruskin University and leased to you as a tax exempt benefit.  You pay the cost of the loan by means of a salary sacrifice which is not subject to income tax or national insurance deductions.  This means that you accept a lower salary for 12 months.  (VAT cannot be reclaimed)


The bike and equipment remain the property of Anglia Ruskin University until the hire period finishes at which point you may be given the option to purchase the goods at a fair market value. (FMV which is variable according to the assessed condition of the bike, and the original retail price of the bike). These arrangements will be made directly with Cyclescheme.


To see how much you will save go to

For more information on eligibility and how to join the scheme see