Procurement Manual - 2.0 The Procurement Stategy of the University

05 September 2014

2.1   Purpose

2.1.1   The overriding aim of our University’s Procurement Strategy is to influence the procurement process in all non-salary expenditure in support of our University’s overall strategic objectives. This will:

2.1.1a Further enhance our University’s reputation as an efficient and responsible organisation in all matter of financial and resource management.

2.1.1b Focus attention upon areas of major expenditure where developments and Value For Money (VFM) improvements are likely to produce the maximum benefit.

2.1.1c Mirror the aims and objectives of the National Higher Education Procurement Strategy. 

2.2.1   The principal elements of our University’s Strategy and the actions considered necessary to achieve the objectives are as summarised in the table below.


Principal Objectives

Improve Training and Skills Development

Develop training strategy; Guidance information and Support.

Bench mark to External Standards of price and process Performance

Identify procurement strategies, processes and techniques which offer best VFM. Develop and apply benchmarking techniques to procurement processes

Improve Procurement Management Information Systems

Use and develop the use of IT based procurement management information systems.


Monitor and Evaluate Effectiveness of Procurement Performance

Develop effective monitoring and evaluation tools to achieve VFM.

Monitor Dissemination of Good Practice and Outcomes of Strategy

Promote and Develop best purchasing practice. Develop the use of Recommended Suppliers and Contracts. Maximise acceptance and participation by users.

Maximise the benefits to be obtained from the use of Purchasing Consortia and Frameworks accessible to our University.

Examine rationale underpinning National and Regional initiatives