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Procurement Manual - 7.0 Faculty or Support Services Co-ordinators

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04 August 2014

7.1        BACKGROUND

7.1.1   External forces scrutinise purchasing within UK Higher Education and seek assurances that VFM is obtained from all procurement activity. At Anglia Ruskin University where purchasing authority is devolved, effective communications must be maintained with Faculties and Support Services to enable purchasing to be carried out efficiently. It is not possible to have an effective liaison with all authorised signatories throughout the institution, therefore:

7.1.2   Nomination of a suitable person to co-ordinate Faculty or Support Service purchasing is incorporated as a requirement within our University’s Procurement Policy. Larger Faculties/ Support Services may consider it necessary to nominate more than one person and appoint a Co-ordinator for each area.


7.2.1       Take receipt of purchasing information and updates from procurement including local, National and Regional Contracts with Recommended Suppliers and ensure this is communicated to appropriate staff within the department.

7.2.2       Provide feedback to Procurement and inform them of any problems or difficulties particularly with Preferred Suppliers and Agreements.

7.2.3       Maintain an overview and, where appropriate, a level of influence over their department’s purchasing based on knowledge gathered through liaison and working experience.

7.2.4       Understand and adherence to Financial Regulations and Purchasing Policies.

7.2.5       First line contact for Faculty / Support staff requiring advice on expenditure issues.

7.2.6       Generally will be a Corporate Purchasing Card Holder or will work closely with a member of staff who is a cardholder.

7.2.7       Undertake limited and simple, informative training and attend relevant supplier exhibitions (if appropriate).

7.2.8   The following diagram shows the anticipated interface between the Purchasing Co-ordinator and Procurement (please click the link) 

7.3        SUPPORT

7.3.1   Purchasing Training Courses are run by Procurement in conjunction with Human Resources and are designed for the Faculty or Support Service Co-ordinator. All Co-ordinators should attend these courses to develop Good Purchasing Practice and to disseminate this information to other staff within their Faculty or Support Service. Procurement offer the fullest support to all members or staff wishing guidance or assistance on any aspect of University Procurement.

Should staff wish to have any procurement training then please contact

The training courses are currently under review – if you require assistance please do not hesitate to contact procurement










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