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IT Procurement Policy

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01 August 2013


This document details the policy with regard to the procurement of IT equipment and supplies.

It applies to:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Apple Macintosh Computers
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Computer Consumables
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Network Kit and Servers

Policy Review

Both Procurement and ISMS are responsible for the implementation of this policy and for any future development of it. Any proposed revisions to the policy will be discussed with the Information Technology Standards Group (ITSG) prior to implementation.


  1. Suppliers

  2. Procurement will consult with the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC) to establish framework agreements with multiple IT suppliers.

    ISMS will evaluate kit against Anglia Ruskin University required specifications with the available suppliers and determine a preferred supplier, or a maximum of two suppliers for each of the IT commodities covered by this policy.

    The specification of desktop pcs, laptops and printers are laid out by ISMS and are published on the J network drive at the following location:

    J:ServicesCommunications & Information Technology ServicesPublicPrices

    For information on preferred suppliers and their contact details, please contact Procurement at  

    IT Support

    IT Services will only support IT equipment purchased in conformance with this policy.

    IT Services have a Service Provision Statement (SPS) which can be found here.

Exceptions to the Policy

There may be circumstances where it is not appropriate for a department to purchase the approved specification. These include:

  1. Where the University preferred suppliers cannot meet the equipment specification required for specialist research work.
  2. Where equipment is connected to specialist scientific equipment and the supplier of that equipment determines the computer or printer supplier.
  3. Where equipment is funded by an external agency which determines the supplier. It should be noted that in this instance, software licenses must also be purchased outside of Anglia Ruskin University site licenses.
  4. Where a new technology which is outside of the supported IT Services specifications is required. In this instance the Procurement department and IT Services must be consulted and a business case must be put forward to IT Services. IT Services may be able to offer technical advice and Procurement may be able to offer a suitable supplier which the SUPC has an agreement with.

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