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Procurement Manual - 1.0 Introduction

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05 September 2014

1.1       Aims and Objectives

1.1.1        This manual has been produced to provide assistance and guidance to all employees with purchasing responsibilities.

1.2       Who Should Read This?

1.2.1        The contents of this manual are addressed to Deans of Faculties, Heads of Support Services, Budget Holders and Resource Managers but will have a relevance to anyone possessing authority to spend University or Research funds.

1.2.2        It is important that all staff who commit expenditure are aware of the obligations placed upon them to obtain Value for Money (VFM) and comply with our University’s Purchasing Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.

1.3            Using the Manual

1.3.1        When to use: This publication is intended to be a first reference point which can be read either in its entirety or by individual section as required.

Terminology: Throughout the Manual the words "purchasing" or "procurement" are used in the broadest sense. They relate to the general process of committing expenditure.

Conventions: To make easy reading, each Section:

      1. has its own primary number (e.g. 5) with secondary (5.1) and tertiary (5.1.1) referencing employed where appropriate.
      2. displays a summary and a link to download the full detailed section if required.

This format will allow future updates and information to be added, amended or deleted without having to resort to a complete reprint of the whole manual.

1.4                    Assistance

1.4.1        If you require any advice or assistance on any purchasing or related matters, please contact 


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