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Secure Chip and Pin

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30 August 2014

NEW - Password protection online

In the same way that you will be asked for your PIN when you use your card in the shops, Mastercard, in association with ‘Verified by Mastercard, brings this level of security to your online purchases, with a secure password. If you use your Mastercard to make purchases online, here is how it works:

  1. You will be asked to register when making an online purchase with a participating retailer
  2. It is safe to register when you see the Mastercard and ‘Verified by Mastercard symbols displayed
  3. Choose a password that you can easily remember
  4. When making future purchases with participating retailers you will be asked for your password
  5. When you enter your password, this is verified by Mastercard, which tells the retailer that you are the genuine cardholder. The transaction is then processed in the usual way.


When using your Mastercard chip and PIN card for face-to-face transactions, when requested, you will need to enter your PIN in order to pay. As well as keeping the fraudsters at bay, this extra level of security also means that if you lose your card, you can be sure that nobody else will be able to use it.

Changing your PIN

If you want to change your PIN to something you find easier to remember, you can do so at almost any UK ATM (nb: Apparently you cannot use Santander’s ATMs). First use the PIN you have been given to access the ‘other services’ option on the ATM, then simply follow the instructions given to change your PIN.

Unlocking your PIN

If you lock your PIN at the point of sale, by entering the incorrect number three times, you can unlock it at an ATM, but you will need your correct PIN to do so. Select ‘PIN Services’ followed by ‘unlock PIN’. Your PIN will immediately become unlocked and confirmed with an on-screen message. If you lock your PIN at an ATM, you’ll need to call our chip and PIN customer services who will unlock it for you.

Forgotten your PIN?

Please contact the  and we will request a replacement PIN to be sent to you.

Keeping PIN and password safe

Your card is only as safe as your PIN and password. Keep them safe and you will be too.

  • Don’t allow anyone else to access your PIN, password or any other security information.
  • If you change your PIN, choose your new number carefully.
  • Remember your PIN, password and any other security information, and destroy the PIN notice as soon as you receive it.
  • Never write down your PIN, password or any other security information.
  • Keep your card and any security information safe at all times.
  • Never give your card or security information to anyone.
  • Keep your card receipts and any other information about your account, such as statements, safe and dispose of them securely, e.g. by shredding printed material.


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