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Purchasing Procedures

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The Audit and Compliance Committee have authorised the University wide implementation of low value purchase ordering procedures.

These procedures deal with the purchase of goods and services (excluding building works) that have a value of £1,000 and less, excluding VAT. The following procedures should be followed for all Anglia Ruskin University, Anglia Ruskin University Enterprises and NPMA activity:

Low Value Purchases (up to and including £2,000 excl VAT)

  1. The preferred method of making purchases of £2,000 and less is with the use of a Corporate Purchasing Card. To that effect the RBS credit card, single transaction limit, is universally increased to £2,000 excl. VAT.

  2. The alternative method of making low value purchases will be where the supplier does not accept credit card payments. In such cases goods/services shall be ordered from the supplier by telephone, fax etc., without the use of a purchase order document. Details of purchases made shall be recorded by the requisitioner, on a low value purchases log, in the same way that a log is maintained for purchasing card purchases. When the goods/services have been received invoices should be financially coded and signed by an authorised signatory. This signature shall confirm satisfactory receipt of goods, that the price is correct and that the invoice is authorised for payment.

  3. Budget holders that wish to set a hierarchy of authority levels below £2,000 should manage that restriction locally, within their own School/Department. It should be remembered, however, that these procedures are intended to eliminate the use of Purchase Order documentation for all purchases of £2,000 and less.

  4. For guidance please refer to Low Value Purchasing procedures (see link at bottom of page).

Purchases greater than £2,000 excl VAT

  1. For purchases that have a transaction value of more than £2,000 excl. VAT, a Purchase Order Requisition (POR) shall be raised and once authorised sent to the Purchasing Department. On receipt of a valid POR an official purchase order will be raised by Finance and sent to the supplier. On receipt of goods/services the requisitioner should send a Goods Received Note - GRN (copy of purchase order designated for that purpose) to Finance. On receipt of a GRN, if the price is within 10% of the order value the supplier will be paid after 30 days have elapsed from invoice date.

  2. Please plan ahead with your purchases. Raise a purchase order requisition (POR) when you intend to commit to a purchase. Do not wait until you receive a supplierís invoice before raising a POR.

  3. Low Value Purchasing procedures will reduce greatly the number of PORís that will be required so please ensure that proper procedures are followed for purchases that require a purchase order. Confirmation orders will not be accepted (except where confirmation of previously agreed terms, and prior to despatch of goods). The Internal Auditors have highlighted the risks associated with confirmation orders and will continue to monitor purchasing practice.

Queries should be directed to:

Ann Debney
Procurement Services Manager
Ext. 4227

Carol Saward
Financial Operations Accountant
Financial Services
Ext. 3775

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